WELCOME TO SCIENCE ERA

Can you recollect a day when no one asked you a questions? The information age is upn us- and one is constantly being bombarded  with nuggets of info.  Here are some examples of  some interesting  info related to science

  • Lazy bones is the name given to the first TV remote control
  • During world war1, parrots are kept on the Eiffel tower in Paris so that they could see approaching air craft much earlier than human.
  • An Anemometre is a device measuring wind speed.
  • The fat of the Sperm Whale was in great demand in perfume industry.

sperm whale in welcome to science era

  • We measure rain with a device called RAIN GAUGE

rain gauge in welcome to science era

As we know that science is a knowledge based on hypotheses, observations, and experiments so these info  help us to enter into the science era.

From its very beginning of our civilization, science has served the humanity and will continue to do so until the needs of human beings are fulfilled. In various era, eminent scientists served a lot of contribution for our society. They had done many experiments for  benefits of human beings as well as society. Let’s have a look for their works.

  • The theory advocates that life on earth arose from spores called PANSPERMIA is cosmozoic theory
  • The scientist who first disapproved the early belief that living things arose from non-living matter was Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur

  • Hans Oersted first observed the magnetic effect of electric current.
  • Robert Boyle was the scientist who showed that sound needs a material medium for iys transmission.It is necessary that all scientists share their ideas, opening new opportunities for others benefit. Each innovation in science and technology should be transferred from one side of the Universe to the other and from one generation to another generation whole-heartedly. Currently, some scientific inventions are critical and unique like
  • L-dopa is a drug used to treat Perkinson’s disease.
  • The Roslin Institute, Scotland is famous world over for cloning Dolly the sheep

Roslin Institute in welcome to science era

  • The first artificial mineral water was produced in Great Britain
  • The first known local anaesthetic was cocain
  • Chrysolite, the fibrous form of the mineral Serpentine is the best-known type and accounts for about 95% of well-known mineral Asbestos Every human being must have the right to use science and technology for beneficial purpose. Science should not be limited to a place, race, cultute and region; in fact it should be regarded as the basic human right around the globe. In vast era of science everyone is using science and technology for the benefit, but sometimes science is misused in various way as
  • Dynamite was invented to crush the mountain for making roads and bridges but later on it was used as
  • Atomic energy can be used for huge source of energy but it is used as dangerous weapon.
  • Use of electricity can cause the advancement of civilization but it causes some extent of environmental pollution.
  • Use of air-conditioner and refrigerator help a lot in our daily life but these are causes of ozone layer depletion.Now I will discuss some more beneficial inventions
  • Common medical instrument stethoscope was invented by a French Doctor Rene Laennec.

Ree Laennec was an inventor

  • The vaccine for fatal, animal-borne disease rabies was invented by scientist Louis Pasteur.
  • The instrument used to measure water vapour in the atmosphere
  • Germanium was used as the semi-conductor material in the production of early transistors.
  • In 1977, small pox was declared  as to be eradicated in humans by WHO .

By advancement of civilization, many forests and biodiversities are destroyed for founding industries. This destruction is always harmful human being. We must know some info  about wildlife.

What kind of an animal is a Pudu?


Which insect is also known as the Devil’s needle?

The Dragonfly.

What is a white ant also called?

A termite.

What kind of animal is the Jacana or the Lily-trotter?

A bird.

Which animal is also called the morse?

The walrus.

Which is the only snake in the world to build nest?

The giant king cobra.

What kind of an animal is a coelacanth?

A fish.

Wave, pugs and carpets are different varieties of what?


wave moth in welcome to science era

pug moth

carpet moth in welcome to science era

Science is branched in various way. Science working with different types of force, energy, thrust, torque and related theories is PHYSICS. here are some informations about physics

  • The instrument used to measure the thickness of a wire is wire-gauge.
  • Heavy water can be obtained by the continuous electrolysis of water.
  • People working with phosphorous suffer from phossy-jaw disease.
  • Electromagnetic radiation with the maximum wavelength is called a radiowave.
  • We better know the constellation pyxis as the Mariener’s compass.
  • In 1568 Daniel Barbaro substitute for a pinhole as
  • The Hubble constant specify the relationship between the velocity of the galaxies to their distance.
  • The theory which proposes that the universe has come into existence as a result of a big explosion is The Big bang Theory.
  • Name of the branch of physics which deals with the propagatin and detection of sound is Acoustics

Beside physics, there is another main branch of science, which deals with reaction, chemical and physical state and various compounds is chemistry. Here are  some more info about chemistry.

  • How do we commonly know Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane?


  • In which industry is a mordant used as an important chemical?

  The dyeing industry.

  • What is the name of the white crystalline alkaloid derived from opium?


  • What is the alternative name for Fluorite,CaF2 ?


  • The radioactivity of Thorium was found independently( 1898) by Gerhard Carl Schmidt and which scientist?

    Marie Curie.

  • As what is calcium chloro-hypochlorite used in the household?

Bleaching powder.

There is  a constant and beneficial interaction  between science and society which gives a follow-up for scientists. Man is a social animal and so he  is a scientist.   Scientists are provided by libraries, laboratories,and institutions and other learning tools by Society  and the scientists  commit themselves for  the betterment of the society by their discoveries, exploration ,inventions etc.  By these types of info we can prepare ourselves for a general knowledge and science examination or quize competition. Among ourselves. So we can conclude that science is a rational approach to the truth. It is the path of reason, knoeledge, research nand dynamism to reality. Science stands for challenge and change in the face of  old, conventional, stagnant and rotten ides.




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