My name is Moumita Sengupta and I grew up in West Bengal. I graduated  from Calcutta University in 1993 in Botany,Zoology and Chemistry. After that I earned my education degree from Calcutta University in 1995. This is my 22 years of teaching carrier on. For this long days I use to teach all science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

I am an organized professional with proven teaching, guidance and counselling skills possessing a strong track record in improving test scores and teaching effectively, I have the ability to be a team player and resolve problems professionally, skilled at communicating complex information in a simple and entertaining manner. I am looking to contribute my knowledge and skills in a website that offers a genuine opportunity for carrier progression.

I have my own Institution which provides coaching to all levels of students like school goers to graduating level, from board sent up to net qualifiers. In this institution I am responsible for ensuring that all students comprehend their curriculum and provide support to students who require extra guidance. I use to work closely with the other teacher to ensure all avenues of the curriculum are met and delivered lessons to the students. I generally provide informative presentation to students regarding different areas of studied and ensures that every student can fully comprehend all aspects.

My skills are :-

*excellent with students

*expert in teaching  assistance

*good communication skills

*interpersonal skill

*time management skills

*good illustration with free hand diagram and flow chart.


My mission , as an educator, is to assist students in developing the passion and skills for becoming smarter as 21st century learner. I want to provide students with the highest quality of learning experiences. I have the ability to create an environment in which students are encouraged and empowered to grow and develop.

What is my mission ?  That  I want to  engage or educate someone with my passion. As a teacher , it begins by being student-centric in every decision that I make to focus me on what is important to each student which helps me focus  my mission as  a teacher to :

a)make sure students know that I care about them;

b)help students learn more complex tasks and become engaged learners.

c)improve performance of students

d)clear their ideas through free-hand drawing.

I am very much excited to start this new adventure.


*Being organized and prepared for every lessons everyday

*Believing that no other job is as important as being a teacher.

*Knowing that what they say, do, teach and model affects every students now and forever.

*Ending each day by looking forward to tomorrow with enthusiasm and dedication.

*Realizing that some things just do not work even with the best of planning.

*Finding and implementing a variety of activities, strategies and teaching methods.

*Designing lessons that educate students.

When we do this as teacher, we help children and young people become satisfied with what they need to feel successful and to do with friends. As our focus enters on our students and building a relationship with them so that we can support and engage them, we help them improve students performance. That’s what we do as educators we share our passion for learning.

Today when I stumbled upon the website thegeneralscience.com , I was reminded of why I chose to be an educator nearby 22years ago…. A missin to teach, to inspire to make a difference. My website reinforces that teachers have purposes, do worthwhile work , and make a different in the lives of students….  And great teachers help students learn that they have purpose, can do worthwhile work and make a difference in the lives of others and the world we live in.


Ideally, administrators have a vision for each new teacher they hire, characterized by teaching excellence and high levels of students achievement. Inturn, new teachers need a clear vision for their teaching plans and the learning success of all students. Acknowledging belief about students and learning and establishing goals for student achievement help to refine instructional effort and turn the vision into reality.

By examining personal belief and goals and creating a vision, teachers clarify where they are headed so that they can efficiently design how to get there. This self-analysis and additional discussin with colleagues and administrators solidify the vision while creating positive school relationship. Being a teacher is far more than a job, a duty, or a pay check. It is a calling. This calling provides the opportunity to work with learners as they advance through schools and coaching.

Teacher watch students grow and develop intellectualy, guiding them as they tacle new concepts and ideas and leading them as they become self-sufficient and independent learners. The lessons that are taught , the method that are incorporated, and the attitudes of teachers toward their student and toward learning have a lasting influence in life.

Teaching is definitely hard work. From pre-school to seniors,despite the difference in age, all students are just children full of potential and curiosity, waiting for their teacher to empower their learning and extend their knowledge. Good instructions from teachers who care promotes success in learning.


*Organised website

*To understand the standard of students.

*I have a sense of sanity because because I have succeeded.

*I am immensely smarter because of this experience.

In short I can say that my website  thegeneralscience.com is going to provide SMART TEACHING.

Smart teaching involves the learning activities with the help of software tools along with elaborate study plan. I don’t mean that traditional teaching is unprofessional and that teachers are lack on their jobs, but rather smart teaching provides a platform that supports the profession . the strategy recognizes that a number of research-based knowledge about good practices  in teaching into tools which teachers and learners can both utilize. So smart teaching ensures the collaborative work functions in both course design and delivery, thus providing the needed real-time feedback information required  to show students and teachers how the coursesc are being designed and delivered and their performance.

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