During the world-wide lockdown condition due to Coronavirus infection, I am here to discuss about aspect of Corona.

What is Coronavirus?

It is a group of viruses that causes respiratory problems in animals and birds. Some viruses are not so dangerous, but due to biological reasons, some family members become lethal causing even death e.g. SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome)

MERS (Middle-east respiratory syndrome)


WHO declared this COVID-19 infection as Pandemic.

Why named novel Corona?

DISCOVERY:  ( world dare corona)

When the scientists are sequencing the genome of a particular virus, they compare the sequence with Genome database (bank of genome sequence) present in NCBI (National Council of Biological Database) EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory). These are the parts of collaboration of some renowned International Institute which also includes DDBJ (DNA Databank of Japan). These resources contain many databases like sequences of many species as per known. These Institutes are hub of biological information. When the CORONA virus outbreak occurs recently, then the particular strain is sequenced. It was compared to the previously present database of CORONA virus family. That sequence is not matched with the previous databases. Hence, it’s mechanism of pathogenesis is totally unknown. That is why it’s named as Novel as there is no previous history of this virus sequence till now.

Why is it named so? ( world dare corona)

The mechanism of pathogenesis of the virus is not known. Previously we didn’t know how the virus is transmitted from one person to another. At the beginning, in China when 15-30 patients were reported for this disease, doctors and nurse treated them as SARS patient. Later, those health workers were also affected by the CORONA virus after a 7-10 days of incubation period. Then the transmission of the virus become clear. As Covid-19 is predicted from the zoonotic origin (mammalian host)  their effectiveness is very dangerous to human being.

Way of infection inside Host body:

 As the outbreak of Covid-19  progresses, the mechanism of pathogenesis is being understood. It is a 20-27 kb single stranded RNA virus, which may be converting its non-protein coding gene into protein coding gene very fast. The effect in our system is first causing respiratory problems like congestion, severe dry cough, rise of body temperature.

Biological explanation:

Our  body immunity system is heavily equipped to combat any kind of infection (excluding immune-compromised people like drug addict, diabetic patient, alcoholic etc) given the infected host cell showing a particular signal maker to the immune system as a RED FLAG. This particular signals are recognised by our adaptive immune system and start to produce numerous antibodies, recruit macrophages, natural killer cells and T-CELLS to kill them. But incase of this particular case of Covid-19 virus, the signal makers are not cleared for our immune system to recognise. They are showing multiple signals from the infected cells at the same time confusing our immune-system. Hence, our immune-system is abruptly producing each and every kind of immune cells at the same time, thus increasing the level of Cytokine eventually leading to Multiple organ failure. It’s not wrong to call it a SUPER ANTIGEN.

Plastic 5 DAYS
Paper 4-5 DAYS
Glass 4 DAYS
Wood 4 DAYS
Steel 48 HOURS
Surgical gloves 8 HOURS
Aluminium 2-8 HOURS


  • Suggestion for wearing Mask:


We should wear a mask 

  • If we have symptoms (dry cough, fever or breathing difficulties)
  • If we are suspected or confirmed patient
  • If we are a health worker attending to the patients with respiratory symptoms.
  • While wearing a mask, we must unfold the pleats of the mask; those pleates must be facing down.
  • Mask should be changed after six hours or/and whenever they become wet by our saliva.
  • Mask should be placed over the mouth and chin covering the nose also and there should not be any gaps on both sides of the mask. In this way, the mask should be adjusted to fit.
  • Not reuse disposable masks and dispose the used masks into closed bins after disinfecting them.
  • We should not touch our face as well as mask while using it.
  • We should not leave the mask hanging from the neck.
  • After removal of the mask, we must clean our hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based


  • Suggestion for hand-washing:


It is another preventive measure. We must wash our hands frequently with soap or alcohol based handwash  for long 20-30 seconds.


At the beginning , symptoms of Covid-19 is very low, effects are started slowly. Sometimes affected persons are not showing any symptoms.

General symptoms: ( world dare corona)

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Tireness
  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Respiratory problems
  • Throat soar
  • Body ache
  • Diarrhoea (very few)

20%  of the affected persons are having severe symptoms. Most of them are older or some time having another diseases like diabetes, kidney failure etc. They have the following problems:

  • Breathing problems
  • Pneumonia
  • Swelling in lung alveoli
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • Infection in lung
  • Problems in the transportation of oxygen from lung to whole body.
  • Multi-organ failure.


DEATH-RATE: According to WHO, and NHS (NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE), DEATH-RATE IN WHOLE WORLD : 0.7% TO 3.8%  and 80% survived.

                                             PREVENTIVE MEASURES ( world dare corona)

We can protect ourselves by some preventive measures: ( world dare corona)

  • We must keep distance of 1mt from everyone at all the time, whether at homes or outdoors. Even speaking releases small droplets which travel a few feet in the air. Staying 6ft apart will help avoid infection.
  • We should not step out unless our life is in danger. Home is the safest place.
  • We must wash hand with soap and water after touching anything.
  • Virus grenades are lurking on door-handles, fridge-handles and surface.
  • Frequent touching of mouth or face should be avoided.
  • We must use a clean handkerchief to sneeze or cough into.
  • We should not spit pan masala or gutkha on the walls and roads.
  • We must be responsible and isolate ourselves for atleast 2 weeks even if we have a minor cough.


  • Infected or suspected to the diseased person should be kept in a well-aerated room in single with an attached or separate toilet.
  • If the family members need to stay in the same room, they should stay at least 1mt apart.
  • Suspected person must stay away from elderly people, pregnant women, children and persons with various diseases.
  • He must wear a surgical or N-95 mask.
  • He must follow public health measures.
  • He must avoid sharing household items.
  • If symptom appears, he must immediately inform the nearest health centre.

                                CONCLUSION ( world dare corona)

Though we are under a big distress, but there are some good observations in our surrounding.

  • Reduction of melting of glacier in arctic region.
  • Natural animals and birds like Dolphins , Migratory birds are seen in their natural habitats.
  • Humans can spend quality time with their family.
  • Political leaders have forgotten small fighting over various issues; now they are busy in giving relief.
  • Decrease of robbery, murder, assultation etc.

Fear of death is very severe. We hope a disease-free world after Covid-19 will be waiting for these strugglers of INTERNATIONAL LOCKDOWN CONDITION.

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